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We are considered one of the BEST Shorkie Breeders in the USA today. Here at Shorkie Palace, we breed only the highest quality of Shorkies.

It is a fact that quality is not just a great pedigree. It is a complete balance of love, genetic testing, nutrition, care, socialization and exercise that measures the high standard of what quality is. I am very proud of our achievements in producing some of the worlds most lovable Shorkie's.

 From our TOP Shih Tzs and Yorkie's that come from top ancestry to our simple cute & lovable pets.   They are all valuable in our eyes. The excellence we strive for allows us to produce adorable shorkies with great temperaments, correct conformation, and nice compact structure with all the amazing quality's we look for. 

These lengths are a small price to pay to ensure we have the highest quality and healthiest breeding adults available, that are able to reach their maximum potential to produce the perfect Shorkie for you. 






Quality that counts




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