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People often ask me why our shorkie puppies are on the higher end cost wise, (My prices are decent compared to what each and every baby receives before they go home and what all our adults receive. I am in the market to offer ONLY top quality babies) if you are looking for an inexpensive dog please look at your local shelter.  There are tons of pure bred and mix dogs in shelters that need of homes. 
To raise genetically sound, healthy happy, lovable little bundles of fur, there are a lot of costs involved.  Our dogs in our breeding program to produce our shorkie puppies are not inexpensive cheap dogs.  
Great breeding adults is an investment. We have paid a lot of money for our Mom and Dad, sometimes thousands of dollars. We look for certain features and quality's in our adults. We pay so much and do the genetic testing because any good breeder will not breed a seriously flawed dog. You NEVER know if a dog is flawed unless you do the genetic testing.
It takes a lot of time, a lot of patience, and most of all a lot of love & attention, and sometimes a little heart ache. What we have planned is not always the outcome. 
We look for high quality all of our dogs are AKC registered.
We have a wonderful veterinarian who takes care of all my adults and babies. All of our adult dogs and shorkie puppies get routine vet care including advantage multi to ward off flees and ticks, heart worms, each adult and baby receives vaccines, vitamins, and they also get wormed. Veterinarian care is not cheap, even though our vet is reasonably priced, it is still an expense. 
Dogs need grooming, dental care and cleaning. When you add all that up, you are spending more than what you are asking for on a pups price. This is my one true passion and I will ONLY do it correctly.






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