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Until you have litters of puppies you will never realize how much work they are. We love what we do, although we have fun and enjoy watching our shorkie puppies grow it is still WORK!  Our shorkie puppies always come FIRST.  
The whole family helps out. In the morning we are putting our mom's and dad's out to play if it is nice out and picking up poop, feeding and making sure everyone is happy.
We are giving special care and attention to our expecting mothers. When we have litter due. We spend a few an hour's EVERY morning cleaning up after our dogs spending time ensuring they are getting proper exercise and lot's of love, of course.
This care continues throughout the day after my daughter gets home we clean up after them again and start washing potty pads and changing beds. until bedtime.
It is a regular routine just like waking up is to everyone else. Why do we do it you ask? its simple if you own a dog, look into its eyes,  he or she loves you unconditionally, they are by your side if you are in a bad or good mood. they are there to please you. their little tales wagging and tongue hanging out. It is all the love we could ever want and ask for.  God has blessed us with the opportunity to share this with other people to enrich their lives and make them whole. We simply LOVE it


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